Tesla Berlin plant's ground leveling works were completed during the epidemic

On March 31, according to foreign media reports, although the new coronavirus epidemic is still spreading globally, the construction of the Berlin plant of electric car maker Tesla seems to be continuing and considerable progress has been made. The latest site photos show that the factory's ground leveling works are nearing completion.


In the photos of the Berlin factory site taken by Tesla fans, you can see that there is a lot of heavy equipment in the project area. Except for the trees and some plots where animals are currently living, the entire project area has actually been razed to the ground. Based on current progress estimates, it appears that ground leveling activities are expected to be completed this weekend.

In addition to the progress made in the construction of the Berlin plant, the Brandenburg State Environmental Protection Agency also gave good news. It has recently been reported that the agency hopes to permit Tesla's overall project in advance for on-site infrastructure construction before final approval is obtained.

It is reported that despite 373 people opposing the Tesla project, the environmental protection agency is still seeking to promote the construction of the Berlin factory because it is optimistic that the local high administrative court will finally approve the project. However, the environmental protection agency's move does come with risks, because if Tesla's application is not approved by the court, it will have to demolish all facilities constructed so far.

The progress made at the Berlin plant bodes well for Tesla. Affected by new coronaviruses that have spread across the globe, the automotive market has almost fallen into a stagnation of sales. Although several regions of Europe are blocked and people are required to maintain a safe distance, construction work at Tesla continues. This may be due to the fact that the construction activities at the site do not require too many people to work together, and most of them focus on operating heavy machinery and do not need close contact with colleagues.

According to the construction process of Tesla's Shanghai plant, the next phase of construction will include a groundbreaking ceremony, and executives such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk were expected to attend. However, considering the current epidemic, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Berlin plant may be postponed or cancelled altogether. Even if the groundbreaking ceremony is held as scheduled, only a few executives may be present.