Tesla cuts sales commissions, dissatisfied employees petition raises wages

In the morning on January 16th, Beijing time, a Tesla salesperson sent an e-mail to call on colleagues in North America to support themselves. In the second half of 2019, Tesla cut commissions, and the workload was increased, and the salespeople were dissatisfied. Slav raises basic wages.

Dare Brewer, a Tesla consultant from Richmond, Virginia, sent a group email on January 9th. She said that Tesla has consolidated multiple sales positions in the recent period. The basic salary has not increased much, but the commission has been sharp decline. "We want a 15% increase in basic wages so that we can get closer to living wages," Brewer said. She told her colleagues to keep them focused on subsequent e-mails with links to petitions.

However, Brewer did not send follow-up emails to colleagues because a human resources manager at Tesla told Brewer that she violated company policies and Tesla prohibited employees from using the work equipment and communication systems to post inappropriate content. But the petition is open through Coworker.org. As of Wednesday morning, 187 signatures have been collected.

In the second half of 2019, Tesla will adjust the salesperson compensation system. In some major regions in the United States, basic salaries range from $ 17 to $ 33 per hour, depending on seniority. In the second half of 2019, bonuses were readjusted or even cancelled, and commissions fell a lot. But for some of the most senior salespeople, basic salaries have risen slightly. (Dirk)