Tesla executives interpret earnings report: more supercharging devices will be installed at the airport

In the afternoon of January 30th, Beijing time, Tesla Motors announced today the fourth quarter of fiscal 2019. The report shows that Tesla Motors ’total revenue for the fourth quarter was US $ 7.384 billion, an increase of 2% compared to US $ 7.226 billion in the same period last year; net profit was US $ 132 million, compared with US $ 210 million in the same period last year; Net profit for shareholders of common stock was US $ 105 million, a 25% decrease from US $ 140 million in the same period last year. Tesla Motors ’fourth-quarter results exceeded Wall Street analyst expectations, pushing its stock price up sharply more than 7% after the session.

After the financial report was released, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and other executives interpreted the financial report and answered analyst questions.

The following is the main content of this conference call analyst's Q & A session:

Individual investors: Considering that all new California homes need to be installed with solar equipment, are there any large orders for solar glass roofs from housing construction companies in the state? Does the company set targets for solar glass roof installations in the state this year?

Elon Musk : We do see an exponential increase in demand for solar glass roofs on a relatively small base. Tesla works with homebuilders and roof installers to target the 4 million new roof installation markets in North America each year. The market is very interested in the company's products. At present, we need to continuously optimize the installation process and train installers. I think that in the future, a large proportion of house roofs will use solar glass roofs, whether it is Tesla products or not. Maybe everyone will ask themselves a question when building a house in the future, that is, do you want a "live" roof that can generate electricity? Or is it a "dead" roof that cannot generate electricity? I think everyone's answer will be the former, because it looks better in the first place and has a longer life, which is the future we want. This is a very revolutionary product. Of course, there are many challenges to be overcome, but these challenges will definitely be overcome. This is the highest priority for Tesla. The Buffalo plant is progressing very well.

Individual investors: Will the company launch a car hire application before Tesla's vehicles are fully autonomous? Will the insurance clauses be changed to ensure that Tesla owners can drive this type of online contracted vehicle? If possible, is it a planned point in time? Will the first service locations include California airports? Will the airport add more superchargers?

Elon Musk: I think before the introduction of self-driving taxi services, Tesla owners should be able to carry out car-hailing services. Fully self-driving technology is not an obstacle to the development of car-hailing services. Regarding super-charging devices, yes, we will install more such devices at the airport, of course, there will also be ordinary charging devices where Tesla super-charging devices are available.

Executive: Regarding insurance, we are willing to provide Tesla car owners with online car rental services to facilitate the change of insurance terms, but we still follow the previous terms. If there are changes in the scope of services, we will make corresponding adjustments.