Tesla: From October 26th, the charging price of some super charging stations will be adjusted

On October 26th, Tesla’s customer support official Weibo announced that starting on October 26, 2020, the charging prices of some Tesla superchargers will be adjusted.


Tesla stated that the price of each site will be adjusted in different ranges based on local electricity prices, related input and operation conditions, and local policy charging guidelines. At that time, please refer to the specific price displayed on the site on the large screen of the vehicle.

Previously, on October 1, Tesla had announced that with the rapid expansion of the global charging network, the construction and operating costs are increasing. In order to better provide services for car owners and enjoy super charging, it will be The price of super charging stations will be adjusted upwards. The price adjustment this time will be adjusted according to factors such as electricity prices, construction costs, and charging guidelines in different regions.

Tesla explained that the price adjustment this time is not for profit, but by making different price adjustments for different sites, so as to carry out sustainable operations on Tesla's self-operated charging network.