Tesla has cut prices again: Model S drops 23,000 in one go

Terras has cut prices again! Following the Model 3, the Model S long-life version and high-performance version have also been reduced in price by 23,000 yuan (USD $3286) respectively, and the current starting prices are 733,900 yuan (USD $104843) and 833,900 yuan (USD $119129) respectively. Don't worry, according to the tonality of Model 3, the Secretary thinks that Model S can be lowered​. What do you think?

At present, there are three models of Model S displayed on Tesla's official website, namely the long-life version, the Performance version and the Plaid version. The price adjustment is only for the first two models.

It is worth mentioning that the last time the price of Tesla Model S was adjusted was in July, and the price adjustment of all models was 8,000 yuan (USD $1143) , while the price adjustment in May of this year was even greater. The price of all models of Tesla Model S Reduced by 29,000 yuan (USD $4143) .

The overall design of the Tesla Model S has not changed, and the power has not changed. Both the long-range version and the Performance version are equipped with dual motors. The total maximum power is 487 kW and 577 kW, respectively, and the acceleration time is 0-100km/h. It is 3.8 seconds and 2.5 seconds respectively, and the NEDC cruising range of the two are 660km and 650km respectively.

Secretary comment:

Every time Tesla cuts prices, there are two characteristics. One is that there is no warning, and consumers will not feel any waves on the eve of the price cut. Second, the time interval is short. From the perspective of the current price adjustment time difference, the smallest span is less than 3 months, and the longest span is only about 5 months. Therefore, for prospective Tesla owners, the car is raised and the price is reduced. Never know which one will come first. Buying a Tesla is like buying seafood-current prices!