Tesla has problems again, Model X new car suddenly accelerates and hits Honda and Nissan

On January 9, Tao Lin, Tesla’s vice president of external affairs, shared the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s investigation report on Tesla’s out-of-control acceleration, showing that all 246 cases were caused by stepping on the wrong pedal. Recently, a Tesla worth 820,000 in Beijing had just picked up a car and crashed into two cars in a month.

陈女士的特斯拉Model X

Ms. Chen’s Tesla Model X

The owner of the car, Ms. Chen, said that the vehicle alarmed that it was too close to the vehicle in front. The vehicle did not respond after stepping on the brakes three times and the vehicle accelerated and hit the vehicle in front. At present, the data has come out, showing that the owner has no problems with the operation. The step count is 20.55 steps, the braking distance is 19.9 meters, the first brake was stepped on at 19.65 meters, and the brake was stepped twice at 15 meters. brake.


Honda car crashed

In this regard, Ms. Chen questioned that the brakes could not be effectively braked within 19 meters at a speed of 20 yards, and that the brakes may have failed. Tesla said that this is not a brake failure, and that there is no problem with the car. It may be that Ms. Chen did not step on the brakes enough. The first time Ms. Chen stepped on the brakes may be too eager, causing the ABS to start, or it may be The brake pad was too hard, and then it drove forward. Under this inertia, Ms. Chen thought it was accelerating, but the data showed that there was no acceleration.


Nissan car crashed

Ms. Chen believes that the state stipulates that cars must be stopped within 9 meters, but Tesla does not. Tesla’s customer service responded that the vehicle can be tested, and Ms. Chen can also bring a lawyer to go to Tesla’s lawyer, and even sue Tesla, but this can be used to retrieve data to check the reason. At present, Tesla does not recognize that it is a vehicle problem, and the case is still being processed, and there is no result temporarily.