Tesla issued vehicle safety report: autopilot reduces accident rate

Recently, Tesla released the second quarter of 2020 vehicle safety report, using data to publicize the passive safety, active safety and automatic assisted driving technology designed by Tesla to prove the safety performance of its products. The results show that the accident rate of the vehicle with autopilot is 2-3 times lower than that of other vehicles.

According to the report, an average of 4.53 million miles (about 7.29 million kilometers) of driving will occur during driving with autopilot.

In the driving process without autopilot, but with active safety function, there will be an accident every 2.27 million miles (about 3.65 million km).

In the driving process without the participation of autopilot automatic assistant driving and active safety function, there will be an accident every 1.56 million miles (about 2.51 million kilometers).

Tesla automobile has been equipped with active safety function since 2014.

Because every Tesla vehicle is connected to the Internet, different accidents can be understood through real data, and then the developed vehicle functions can be used to reduce or avoid these accidents.

At present, among the more than 10 billion miles (about 16 billion kilometers) of real driving data collected by Tesla’s global fleet, more than 1 billion miles (about 1.6 billion kilometers) have used autopilot.

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