Tesla Model 3 is updated again, is the price expected to drop again?

On January 1st of this year, Tesla updated the 2021 Model 3, mainly blackening some of the decorative parts, and adding the front double-layer glass and electric tailgate configuration. But what I never expected was that it was updated again just a month later.

The news of this update is not hearsay, the new Model 3 has been declared on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. But the change is not big, mainly the replacement of domestic motors.

According to the data, the new Model 3 has been replaced with a drive motor produced by Tesla Shanghai. The maximum power reaches 299 horsepower, which is higher than the current 275 horsepower, and the acceleration time to 100 kilometers may exceed the existing 5.6 seconds.

The battery is still lithium iron phosphate.

Domestically produced motors, does it mean to reduce the price?

Having said that, Tesla, who has been criticized for its work, has recently responded to this question positively.

He said that everyone should not buy a car when the production capacity is climbing, because the vehicles produced at this time have relatively poor workmanship, such as the batch at the end of last year. The work was too rushed and some of the frame paint did not dry, so I took it to the next step.

Of course, this problem has now been resolved. Either buy it at the beginning or wait until the production capacity is stable. This is Musk’s suggestion.

Looking at it this way, Tesla’s workmanship may maintain this level for a long time. Everyone who wants to buy Tesla can wait, maybe the price will be reduced the next day after placing the order, and the workmanship is better.