Tesla Model 3 may be reduced to 250000 domestic new energy vehicles with differentiated competitive advantages

Last year, it’s hard for you to imagine that Tesla’s price will go down to less than 300000 yuan (USD $42857) . At present, the domestic model 3 on sale will be reduced to 29905 yuan (USD $4272) . At the delivery ceremony of the first domestic model 3, Tesla CEO mask even danced on the spot.

It is understood that the proportion of domestic parts of domestic model 3 is only 30%. Recently, the latest research report released by Societe Generale Securities shows that after Tesla adopts the domestic supply chain, the domestic model 3 still has a maximum price reduction space of 27% – 34%.

The industry believes that after Tesla’s price reduction, it may bring challenges to domestic new energy vehicles, especially the domestic new energy brands, represented by NiO, which mainly focus on the high-end market.

According to domestic media reports, on January 9, Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of China Federation of passenger transport, said in an interview that Tesla may still have room for price reduction, and before its large-scale mass production, domestic new energy vehicles have differentiation advantages, which does not pose a threat to domestic new energy brands.

In his opinion, the cost of Tesla has been greatly reduced due to the reduction of tariffs and preferential policies of the government. After Tesla’s localization, there is bound to be a substantial price reduction process.

In the future, Tesla’s price, especially model 3, may still have room for further price reduction, or it may be reduced to about 250000 yuan (USD $35714) . &”Of course, the key to the price reduction lies in the popularity and order quantity of Chinese consumers. If the order can only be picked up in the fourth quarter, it is likely that there will be no price reduction. ”

For Tesla will bring challenges to domestic new energy vehicles, Cui Dongshu believes that the self owned brand new energy vehicles are different from Tesla Model 3. Model 3 belongs to car series, while domestic nioes 6, nioes 8, etc. are urban SUV series, with different models and excellent model innovation. New energy vehicles have a certain degree of differentiated competitive advantages.

At the same time, when Tesla’s output is not large, it is mainly aimed at the joint venture luxury car group to seize the increment. Therefore, there is still a buffer period for new energy vehicles of independent brands before their output has exceeded 15000.

Cui Dongshu also said that the core competitiveness of new energy vehicles in the future is still to reduce costs. How to reduce costs to the point where consumers consider the same as fuel vehicles is the vitality of new energy vehicles.

The same 300000, will you sell Tesla, or will you choose domestic new energy brands? Or a fuel car?