Tesla Model S dual-motor version price adjustment drops by 23,000 yuan (USD $3286)

On October 14, Tesla officially confirmed the price reduction information of Model S in China. From now on, Tesla will adjust the sales price of Model S: the basic price of Model S long-life version is adjusted to 733,900 yuan (USD $104843) ; Model SPerformance high-performance basic car The price was adjusted to 833,900 yuan (USD $119129) , and the prices of both models were reduced by 23,000 yuan (USD $3286) .

Not long ago, on the day of October 1, Tesla China's official website quietly changed the prices of some domestic Model 3 models, of which Model 3 standard battery life upgraded version subsidized for 249,900 yuan (USD $35700) , Model 3 long battery life rear-wheel drive The version is priced at 309,000 yuan (USD $44143) , and the prices of the two models have dropped by 21,650 yuan (USD $3093) and 34,1,500 yuan (USD $48786) respectively.

But the difference is that the Model 3 standard version has replaced the battery pack, and there is no news that ModelS adopts the same replacement strategy.

The Model S price adjustment this time slightly lowered the threshold for owning high-performance Tesla models.

With continuous upgrades and price cuts, as well as strong brand power, Tesla delivered approximately 140,000 electric vehicles worldwide in the third quarter of 2020, which is a record high compared with the second quarter.

At present, this time the Model S price is cut again, Tesla officials did not say too much.