Tesla Model Y Crossover internal image leaked: there are third-row seats

Tesla confirmed on January 19 that its new model, the Model Y Crossover, will be released in Los Angeles on March 14. At that time, Musk tweeted that the car would be slightly larger than the Model 3, and the price would be increased by 10 compared to the Model 3. %. Today, an inside spy shot of the Model Y Crossover was revealed.


The photo is from the foreign media News-coffee. From the photo, the Model Y Crossover has a third row inside. The third row of seats is not very spacious. It may be uncomfortable to sit in one person. Of course, It may also be related to the shooting angle. The actual space situation may wish to wait for more follow-up spy photos to be released. At the same time, the third row of seats is fixed, with two drink racks.


Model Y is basically designed based on Model 3, 70% of the parts are the same, but Model Y is likely to benefit from advanced manufacturing technology, Model Y is likely to be a high-volume popular Car models.

In terms of price, the retail price of the long-range and high-performance version of the Model Y Crossover should be between $ 48,000 (about 330,000 yuan (USD $47143) ) and $ 61,000 (about 420,000 yuan (USD $60000) ). The standard version will be about $ 39,000. (About 270,000 yuan (USD $38571) ).