Tesla opens design center in China

On January 16th, Tesla's official WeChat post posted a recruitment post. The article revealed that Tesla CEO Musk decided to design a research and development center in China to realize the transformation from "Made in China" to "Designed in China".

At present, Tesla China has begun to recruit outstanding design talents to create an original "Chinese style" Tesla.


If you want to join the Tesla China Design Center team, you need to put your Chinese original Tesla design works into the designated email before February 1: [email protected]


On January 7 this year, Tesla CEO Musk launched a domestic Model 3 delivery ceremony at the Shanghai Super Factory. At the scene, Musk said that Tesla's Shanghai super factory was placed with high hopes. Thanks to the support of the Shanghai Municipal Government and the work of the Shanghai team, we have jointly created the amazing Shanghai speed. Investment will continue to increase, including Model 3 and Model Y models, and more models may be produced at the Shanghai plant in the future.

Affected by the domestic Model 3 production capacity of Tesla's Shanghai plant, Tesla's stock price has continued to rise recently, and its market value has soared. Once Tesla's market value reaches $ 100 billion, the Musk Award will receive record stock option compensation.