Tesla peaks in U.S. sales: California registrations halve in Q4

Beijing time on the 16th, according to Dominion Cross-Sell's latest report, the fourth quarter of last year, Tesla's registration in California, the largest electric vehicle market in the United States, fell by almost half.


The reason for this is that the tax incentives for Tesla buyers in the U.S. have been significantly reduced in 2019, falling to $ 3,750 at the beginning of the year, and halved in July to $ 1,875.

Current U.S. policy grants $ 7,500 in tax benefits to electric vehicles, but these tax benefits will be phased out once automakers reach a cumulative sales milestone of 200,000 vehicles. Tesla reached this milestone in July 2018.

A report released on Wednesday showed that Tesla's California registrations fell by 46.5% in the fourth quarter of last year, from 25,402 vehicles to 13,584 vehicles in the same period last year. The registration volume of the best-selling Model 3 dropped by half to 10,694.

Dominion Cross-Sell vice president Shane Marcum said: "People can assume that Tesla has peaked in the U.S. because they have not exceeded 2018 sales for five months."

Nearly two weeks before the new data was released, Tesla surpassed Wall Street's estimates of its annual car deliveries and reached the low end of its goal. After years of turbulence, the company's stock price hit a record new highs.