Tesla plans to deploy world's largest Megapack battery system in Hawaii

Morning news on March 30, Beijing time. According to foreign media reports, Tesla is preparing to deploy one of the world's largest battery systems on an island in Hawaii. The battery system includes 244 Megapack giant batteries. This is Tesla. The latest giant battery system.


After going through many rumors and expectations, Tesla launched its own "Megapack" giant battery last year. This is the latest energy storage product launched by this company after Powerpack and Powerwall, and it is a bigger option for future power projects.

According to Tesla, a Megapack battery has a storage capacity of up to 3 MWh and a converter of 1.5 MWh. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has called on utilities to buy new Megapack batteries to replace highly polluting and inefficient power plants.

Some power companies have begun to consider Musk's proposal, and it is said that there have been several plans for the deployment of Megapack batteries in the past few months. At present, according to media reports, Tesla is bidding for a new Megapack battery-related large project in Hawaii.

Hawaii Power Corporation, Hawaii's largest power company, provides 95% of the state's electricity. The company is currently developing a huge energy storage project in the Kach Valley in Oahu, with the goal of providing load transfer services and providing backup power to the grid. The company has been receiving project proposals for the program since last summer, and Tesla's proposal to use Megapack batteries appears to be one of the leaders in these proposals.

Hawaiian Power Corporation issued a draft environmental assessment of the Tesla project. With a planned battery capacity of 810 MWh, the project will be one of the largest batteries in the world. In the long run, its energy capacity will be more than six times that of Tesla's 100MW / 129MWh battery pack project in South Australia, which was the largest battery in the world when completed a few years ago.

Tesla's plans include the deployment of 244 Tesla Megapack batteries. According to Hawaii Power, the project will cost between $ 200 million and $ 300 million, and a final decision on whether to advance the project is expected in May. If Tesla's project is finally selected, Tesla is expected to begin construction in March next year, with a view to putting it into operation in 2022.