Tesla responds to the video of the sunroof falling off during the driving of the vehicle: The vehicle has replaced the roof glass at a third-party authorization center

News from November 22 Recently, a Weibo blogger uploaded a video about a Tesla Model S flying at high speed. And this process happened to be photographed by the driving recorder of the vehicle driving behind.

IT Home was informed that today, Tesla’s customer support official Weibo response has contacted the owner of the car as soon as possible and is helping the owner solve the problem as soon as possible. After preliminary investigations, the vehicle had undergone roof glass replacement at a third-party authorized sheet spray center. The cause of the incident is under further investigation.

According to the published replay video, the incident occurred on November 21, 2020. A Tesla Model S ran at high speed from the right lane. Suddenly, a rotating object appeared in the mid-air in front of the video and it might hit the car behind. Fortunately, the scraped object did not hit the rear vehicle. Subsequently, a large object was scattered on the highway, posing a serious threat to the safety of other vehicles.

Subsequently, the Tesla owner, who was aware of the vehicle's emergency, began to slow down and seemed to intentionally stop to check the vehicle. The object that was scraped off was the skylight.