Tesla speeds, crashes, catches fire! One man killed

In the morning on January 20, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, a Pleasanton, California police officer said a speeding Tesla crashed and caught fire on Saturday night. Police are currently investigating.

Police say a man was killed in the incident. The accident occurred at about 6 pm at the intersection of West Las Vegas and Manor Avenue.

Police said the Tesla Model S was heading south, lost control at the crossroads, and hit a traffic sign and a concrete wall in front of an apartment building. Officials said this was the only car involved and no one else was injured.

When the police arrived, the car was on fire. The identity of the victim was not disclosed, but police said a man was driving the car.

Officials at the Pleasanton Police Department's transportation department are continuing their investigations and have yet to determine whether the traffic accident was caused by drugs or alcohol.

Some sections near the accident have been closed for several hours and are still closed. (Howling wind)