Tesla terminates the confidence guarantee program and new owners will not be able to return their cars without reason for 7 days

According to the news on October 18th from the official website of Tesla China, the Tesla Confidence Guarantee Plan has been terminated and offline on October 16, 2020. After that, all car purchase orders will no longer be eligible for return without reason within seven days after purchase Service.

According to the Beijing News Shell Finance and Economics report, this plan, called "Confidence Guarantee", is an extra commitment made by Tesla beyond the legal requirements, aimed at dispelling consumers' concerns and promoting the purchase of Tesla cars. . According to the terms of the plan, if the car owner is not satisfied with the new car, he can return the car to Tesla within 7 days after the vehicle is delivered, and Tesla will refund the car payment except for the 1,000 yuan (USD $143) deposit within 30 working days.

The terms of the plan also require the condition of the returned car, and the purchaser cannot purchase the same version of the returned car within 12 months after returning the car. The clause also states, “If we discover and believe that you are abusing this confidence protection plan or acting maliciously, you will be declined to purchase any vehicle within 12 months.”