Tesla vice president responded to price cuts: the original intention was to make the price better, not maximize profits

On October 6th, Tesla’s Vice President of External Affairs Tao Lin responded to the price cut of the upgraded version of Tesla’s domestic Model 3 standard battery life. “Thank you for sharing. I don’t ask for everyone’s understanding and recognition, but hope Gradually, everyone can believe that our original intention is indeed to allow consumers to have more cost-effective products instead of maximizing their own profits."


It is reported that during the National Day holiday, Tesla announced a price reduction of 21,600 yuan (USD $3086) for the domestic Model 3 standard battery life upgrade version, and a price reduction of 34,500 yuan (USD $4929) for the domestic Model 3 long battery life rear-wheel drive version (both after subsidized prices), which caused dissatisfaction among old car owners.

Tao Lin has previously stated that the price adjustment of Tesla products is a confidential work, and only a very small number of people participate. Once the final confirmation is finalized, the internal procedures will be prepared as soon as possible and everyone will be notified as soon as possible, because no matter what time it is announced, there will be a batch of recent car pickups. Of consumers are affected.