Tesla was exposed to "brake failure", the female car owner was cried three times

Recently, because of car owners' rights protection, Tesla has become the top public opinion in the domestic car circle. However, on the one hand, Tesla continues to appear in public relations, and on the other, there are car owners' rights protection incidents one after another.

A few days ago, another car owner exposed "Tesla basement brake failure", and Tesla's after-sales attitude made her cry three times.

According to the owner, at the West Lake Cultural and Sports Center in Hangzhou, her vehicle was driving on the epoxy floor. The first few corners were fine, but before the turn with two speed bumps, she stepped on two brakes.

The brakes were clicked on the first deceleration belt. At that time, I felt that the brakes were a bit hard, and the foot feels just retracted. She yelled to her boyfriend in the car, the brakes could not be stopped, but the brake lights did not turn on from the video.

The second time, when she was about 20 meters away from the turn, she stepped on her foot again, possibly when the lights were on in the video, but the brakes were still hard at this time, and she yelled that she couldn't stop.

At that time, when the steering wheel of the vehicle was going to turn the wheel to the right, it was found that it could not be passed after it was turned to a certain extent. The data provided by Tesla was 44°. She could only return to the front of the car and let the front bumper hit the car head-on. If you make a side impact, you are worried that it will affect your safety and the safety of your boyfriend in the back seat.

Compared with the "brake failure" accident, the attitude of Tesla's after-sales personnel made the female car owner even more angry. She and people from the Municipal Supervision Bureau coordinated the matter together. She asked Tesla for vehicle data. The other party contemptuously mocked the female car owner and said they would not give it.

Later, under the strong condemnation of the Municipal Supervision Bureau, they agreed to provide traffic data, but did not give a clear time. Finally, the female car owner lamented that Tesla China's rights protection is so difficult.

In addition, the owner also introduced that her vehicle was mentioned on May 16, the brakes rang abnormally on May 22, the entire brake was replaced on June 3, and it was adjusted again on June 8, but it could not stop after a week. With such a series of events, it is inevitable that female car owners will link them together.

The female car owner finally reminded that she just wanted to advise the prospective Tesla owner that safety is the most important thing. The quality of this car is good or not, and the after-sales conformity is unqualified.