Tesla's global number of super charging piles reaches 20,000 milestone

According to reports, Tesla announced today that the number of its Supercharger super charging piles has reached 20,000 worldwide.

In the past few years, Tesla has repeatedly stated that it will expand the supercharger network to provide fast charging services to Tesla owners around the world, but the company's plan has not been carried out as originally planned. Part of the reason for the planned delay is related to its latest generation of supercharger technology Supercharger V3, which has experienced several delays in its development process.

Last year, Tesla finally officially released Supercharger V3, and began to deploy super charging piles using the latest technology around the world. As of the end of last year, Tesla has established 1,716 super charging stations worldwide, with a total of 15,000 super charging piles.

Today, Tesla announced today that the company has installed 20,000 super charging piles worldwide. This shows that since September last year, the company has greatly increased the construction speed of new charging stations. It was reported in September last year that the company had 17,500 super charging piles worldwide.

The speed of deployment of charging piles is very critical for Tesla, because the company is working to increase the speed of its charging infrastructure construction to provide services for more and more Tesla vehicles and owners on the road. Previously, the company had just set a new vehicle delivery record.

Because Supercharger V3 technology uses higher charging output power, the charging time of each vehicle will be significantly shortened, which means that each charging pile can provide charging services for more vehicles every day, which improves the utilization rate of super charging piles .

In addition to developing a network of super charging stations suitable for long-distance travel, Tesla is also developing the scale of its destination charging station network. The latter has a slower charging speed and usually takes a whole night to fully charge the vehicle battery. This kind of charging pile is more suitable for use in hotels and other places.