Tesla's next car is called Model 2? Musk vetoed online: just don't like it

There is no doubt that Tesla will continue to launch new cars. Its current entry model is Model 3, with a domestic price of 250,000. However, the more mainstream market for electric vehicles is less than 200,000 yuan (USD $28571) , and it may enter less than 100,000 yuan (USD $14286) in the future. To this end, Tesla has also begun a new model layout.

Previously, Tesla had announced that it would launch a compact model priced at US$25,000-30,000 (approximately RMB 160,000-200,000) specifically developed for markets in China and Europe.

Musk also said that this car is being developed, and in the Chinese market, a Chinese design team will be recruited to develop a model specifically designed for Chinese consumers.

Moreover, for the naming of the car, many netizens on the Internet speculate that according to Tesla's naming method, the car will most likely be called "Model 2".

However, this statement was also directly rejected by Tesla CEO Musk. Recently, some overseas netizens revealed that they had privately chatted with Musk on Twitter, asking for information about the "Model 2" model.

However, Musk directly replied that the next model will not be called "Model 2". If netizens still call it that way, he may consider canceling this model project. At the same time, Musk's reason is also very Tesla, because he doesn't like it.

With Musk's appearance, the possibility of the next new car being called "Model 2" can be said to be minimal. So according to the current name of Model 3, Y, S, X and Semi, what do you think the next model of Tesla will be called?