Tesla's Shanghai factory Model Y production line construction has come to an end, mass production is expected to advance

News on August 30 The latest aerial footage shows that the construction of the Model Y production line in the Shanghai factory has come to an end. The construction of the Model Y production line inside the Shanghai factory appears to be basically completed, construction activity is at its lowest level in months, and the new plant construction is almost complete.

In addition, IT Home has learned that Tesla has launched employee recruitment, and the recent recruitment notice shows that the company is preparing to recruit 900 workers to serve the Model Y production line.

Although Tesla previously announced that it plans to start mass production of Model Y models in the first quarter of 2021, due to the rapid construction of the Model Y production line at the Shanghai plant, some media pointed out that Tesla is very likely to create another project in the automotive industry. Building a miracle, mass production of Model Y will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In addition, according to reports, Tesla plans to increase production lines for lithium batteries at its manufacturing base in Shanghai, China.