Tesla's third domestically-produced car renderings unveiled, the price is as low as 160,000?

Last week, Tesla America launched the rear-drive standard battery life version of Model Y. Compared with the previous battery life version, the price dropped by $8,000, a drop of 19%.

So we boldly predict that if this version can be made in China, the price of Model Y will drop to 270,000 yuan (USD $38571) . It is getting closer and closer to the price range of Volkswagen Toyota. And Tesla has been working hard to achieve the goal of making Tesla affordable to more people.

At last year’s Tesla Battery Day, Musk announced a low-cost Tesla model, which is expected to be priced at $25,000 and will be available within 3 years.

But in fact, this model will come to China earlier than expected. Tesla recently evaluated the production status of the Shanghai Gigafactory. The evaluation report shows that there will be three new Tesla cars produced in China in the future.

Among them is the entry-level Tesla model, which will be made in China as early as 2022, and the price will be between 160,000 and 200,000 yuan (USD $28571) . It is smaller in size, has lower battery life, and also carries autopilot functions.

In fact, Tesla previously announced a design sketch for a new car, and now foreign media have made a rendering based on this sketch.

In order to reduce costs, this cheap new car will continue to use Tesla’s traditional design language, so it looks like a hatchback version of the Model 3. However, its size will be smaller and it is a compact car with two compartments.

The hatchback and the short axle, this may become a small steel gun in the minds of many people. I don’t know if Tesla will participate in electric racing events because of this?