The 10th anniversary of Apple's "most important product of its life"! Article to take you back to iPad

Ten years ago today, Jobs announced the birth of the first iPad. This 9.7-inch multi-touch tablet was called "the most important product of his life" by Jobs.

As early as a decade ago, smartphones were only 3.5 inches, and traditional laptops were not lightweight enough. Therefore, Apple's founder Steve Jobs tried to find a new product between the iPhone and Macbook, combining the advantages of mobile phones and laptops, and iPad was born.

From April 3, 2010, Apple officially began selling iPad on a large scale. It is understood that the original iPad 1.1 has a 9.7-inch display, 64GB of storage space and 256MB of memory; the configuration is equipped with Apple's first-generation processor Apple A4. However, the original iPad did not have a camera.

In the past ten years, the iPad has been updated to the seventh generation. The seventh-generation iPad, released in September 2019, is equipped with a 10.2-inch retinal display and provides full-size smart keyboard support.

Celebrities broke the news that in 2020, the latest iPad will launch a 5G version and be equipped with three cameras to enhance the AR performance of the product.

Ten years have passed, not only the performance of the iPad has improved, but also the portability of the newly launched iPad mini has been greatly enhanced. The iPad Pro also provides services for more professionals. For some time to come, in the field of tablet computers, Apple will still be the undisputed boss.

Which generation of iPad have you bought? Which one do you prefer? Comments are welcome. (Edit: NJNR304)