The 10th anniversary of the establishment of Jifeng The largest mobile interactive community platform in China announced a major brand upgrade strategy

On March 26, Jifeng, the largest mobile interactive community platform in China, announced a major brand upgrade strategy and will soon launch a new Jifeng World APP.

Jifeng was established in 2010. Since its establishment, it has been committed to creating an Android mobile phone player base, and insisted on providing the most professional, humane and comprehensive mobile phone service for Chinese mobile phone enthusiasts. With the rapid development of Android mobile phones, Jifeng has also entered the fast lane of development, with registered users quickly breaking through 50 million, and derived from the four core businesses of, Jifeng Forum, Jifeng Market, and Jifeng Games. It has developed into China's largest mobile interactive media, the most active mobile player forum, the most influential application market and the most professional boutique mobile game distribution platform.

As an established Internet company, Jifeng has been established for ten years this year. On the tenth anniversary, Jifeng launched a new Jifeng World APP. The newly launched machine front world is a global mobile game autonomous community based on blockchain technology. It adopts a decentralized model design. Game developers implement self-publishing, self-propagating and self-distributing on the platform. , Self-built communities, self-promoted games to form self-revenue, and ultimately realize the value sharing of the industrial chain ecological chain.

At present, the global game market has formed a highly centralized industrial structure with a game distribution platform as the core. This structure makes the intermediate links earn a lot of profits. 60% or even 70% of the benefits are distributed by game publishers and distribution platforms in the industry chain. Tampering has greatly weakened the profitability of game developers, which are fundamental to the industry. Jifeng World will revolutionize the distribution of benefits in the game industry chain.

The share of the game front game platform's share of the distribution fee will be returned to all community players in accordance with specific rules. Players will be distributed according to the blockchain decentralized thinking POW algorithm. The more participation, the more contributions, the more The greater the benefits, the more self-profitable employees.

Jifeng World will use blockchain technology tokens for community rewards and circulation models. Tokens can be used to play games, pay, vote, and reward behaviors. Jifeng World's only settlement point token is named GC is G coin, which is the abbreviation of Gfan Coin. It is issued using the ERC20 specification. The total amount is limited to 3 billion. It can be donated by doing contributions in the machine front world, and can also be extracted to the digital wallet supporting Ethereum. And asset platforms, and supports use within other Ethereum Token platforms. In addition, Jifeng World will also take the lead in supporting international mainstream digital currency payments such as the Chinese central bank's digital RMB DCEP, USDT, and BAIC to realize cross-border game consumer payment settlement.

The GC token is generated using the POW computing power mining model. The contribution of all community participants is the computing power. According to the contribution, the GC will enjoy the daily gift of the machine front world force, that is, the contribution value computing power, which is used to calculate the GC reward. in accordance with. Contribution (ie, computing power) can be earned for all beneficial behaviors in the community, including downloading games, playing games, inviting users, forming game guilds, and more. The GC rewards are given a halving mode, that is, the maximum daily value of GC is capped, and the number of releases every two years is halved until the distribution is completed.

In addition, the Jifeng World game community also has a variety of talents, including community leaders, core players, game connoisseurs, game investors, developers, etc., with different task chain designs for different roles in the community, and based on Different occupations have different reward levels. At the same time, the machine front world will also carry out functional design around the game guild to help the game guild manage the guild members and cooperate with game manufacturers.

Traditional game distribution platforms are of the online store type, with weak social functions, and the machine front world will strengthen social functions and build a brand new temperature-based game world based on the "community + platform" concept. Here, the platform provides all users with the same convenient and fast real-time social tools and social sharing networks as Facebook and WeChat, creating real-time collaboration and sharing without any obstacles between users. Through social functions, gamers establish a game guild or a circle of specific interests, have a closer and lasting connection, become partners, comrades or opponents in the game world, increase the fun and stickiness of the game; game developers and players The player community has more and more in-depth exchanges to better understand the needs and ideas of players, so as to improve their game products and achieve greater success.

In addition to the GC's revenue rights, players will also have voting rights for some of the features and business scenarios of the machine front world. The machine front world game platform will set a set of preset rules of procedure, and the major issues related to the platform will be jointly determined by the users of the entire machine front world game community. When there are issues that need to be determined by voting in the gaming community, each platform user will obtain corresponding voting rights and participate in voting decisions according to the number of GCs it has. Through the setting of voting rights and revenue rights mechanisms, the machine front world game platform has truly become a game platform owned by players, and each player will be the owner of the "new machine front".