The 2020 Savior R7000 is here, with a maximum optional R7 4800H processor

The Lenovo Savior Series is Lenovo's main video and audio entertainment game book that was launched in 2015. It has been updated and iterated several models. Its reputation and sales are among the top in the industry, and it is regarded as the leader in the game field.

联想拯救者官宣,2020款R7000来了,最高可选R7 4800H处理器

News on March 24, yesterday, Lenovo rescuer official micro-posts: If "7" arrives, "Dragon" re-launches, 2020 rescuer R7000, up to optional R7 4800H processor, 8 cores 16 threads, full-blood sustained release , Often read the six-character mantra _ _ _, _ _ _!

联想拯救者官宣,2020款R7000来了,最高可选R7 4800H处理器

The poster reads "Report, there is high energy ahead, the Dragons react!", And there is a rescuer villain sitting on the toothpaste. Netizens teased: The official admitted that he was squeezing toothpaste.

At present, Lenovo's rescuers' product lines are Y7000, Y7000P, Y9000K, R7000, R7000P, and the latter two are equipped with AMD processors.

In addition, the new rescuers Y7000 and Y7000P will all be replaced with new molds, and the keyboard backlight will change from the original red to white.

联想拯救者官宣,2020款R7000来了,最高可选R7 4800H处理器

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