The 600th Anniversary of the Forbidden City: Xiaomi Youpin & "New Forbidden City" limited edition watch released

What kind of sparks can the Forbidden City elements and watches create? Recently, Xiaomi Youpin and "New Forbidden City" jointly launched the Forbidden City 600-year limited commemorative manual automatic tourbillon mechanical watch, which combines the classical design of the Forbidden City with the highest technology in the watch industry.

According to "New Forbidden City", the theme of this show is "Gemini". For example, the watch is derived from the pattern of the architectural texture of the Forbidden City, representing another "I" outside the Forbidden City. Now the watch has been sold in a limited number of crowdfunding by Xiaomi Youpin, priced at 5,999 yuan (USD $857) , with a limited edition of 999 while stocks last.

This year marks the 600th anniversary of the completion of the Forbidden City. It is no longer just a palace but a museum that records 600 years of memory. There have been many "twin" stories in the six hundred years, such as the Ningshou Palace, the place where Qianlong reverted to power in his later years, built similar to the Jianfu Palace where he lived in his childhood. Behind every perfect cultural relic in the Forbidden City are countless broken twin brothers. Also in the Yongle period, one of the hand-pressing cups produced in Jingdezhen was hidden in the Forbidden City, and the other became a broken porcelain piece from Jingdezhen. It took 600 years to get together.

It is said that the watches launched by Xiaomi Youpin and "Renewed Forbidden City" and many of the Forbidden City cultural relics are also "twin brothers." In appearance, the watch uses many court elements from the Forbidden City. The outer texture uses two "twin" cups with blue and white twisted branches. The dial uses the five-clawed dragon on the dragon robe 600 years ago and the official robe. Cliff pattern on the sea water. The base material of the table is lapis lazuli representing the sky, which is said to be the same material as the Temple of Heaven. These materials, patterns and textures all imply auspiciousness in our traditional Chinese culture.

The tourbillon in the watch was invented in 1795 by the master watchmaker Breguet. It is a clock speed regulating device that can correct the errors caused by gravity on the clock parts and improve the accuracy of mechanical watches. The tourbillon process is complicated, composed of more than 100 parts, and the weight is less than 0.3g, which is often only assembled in top watches. It is said that more than 30 watch technicians are required to produce such a watch, using more than 4,500 production processes, and it takes 180 days.

The watch incorporates modern technology on the basis of traditional craftsmanship, and the sapphire mirror used is more scratch-resistant and wear-resistant than glass. The body is 5ATM waterproof, which can also meet the daily waterproof requirements, so that the mechanical watch can also cope with life scenes such as cold water hand washing, face washing and rain. With 72 hours of energy storage, it has more relaxed environmental requirements. The traditional craftsman spirit of Unicom and the technological progress of later generations also show the tolerance and openness of the Forbidden City culture.

As a commemoration of the 600th anniversary of its completion, after launching this watch jointly with Xiaomi Youpin, the Forbidden City will continue to guard its 600-year memory on this land, and the Forbidden City and its cultural relics will continue their stories at the same time. .