The 8-core game book is only 7599 yuan (USD $1086) ! Double 12 mechanics give enough cost performance

Core i7-10870H octa-core processor, RTX2060 optical chase graphics card and 144Hz professional gaming screen, how much does a game with such a configuration cost? In the current double 12, the mechanic F117-V only costs 7599 yuan (USD $1086) . Interesting Players hurry up and pay attention!

Mechanic F117-V has a very visually impactful exterior design. The most obvious sign is the dazzling light strip at the rear air outlet, which instantly draws the player into the horizon full of science fiction. In addition, the A side has been crafted through 27 processes, and every line is given the style of an air combat raptor. The specially designed triangular blue light belt is unique and full of faith. There is also a cool RGB keyboard, full-size celestial laser + RGB colorful dynamic backlight, with about 16.77 million colors, support for 4 zones to change colors, and multiple mode settings.

In terms of appearance design, the mechanic F117-V also abandoned the thick and heavy body of the traditional gaming notebook, only 20mm thin, light and portable body can better meet the travel needs of players. At the same time, this 15.6-inch air combat Raptor adopts a new unique dynamic ID design, which reduces the volume and body feel through the layer-by-layer cutting process, making the overall body shape lighter and more sharp.

This gaming notebook is equipped with a new tenth generation Intel Core i7-10875H processor, an 8-core 16-thread design, and a maximum core frequency of up to 5.1GHz. It has excellent performance in gaming and entertainment or professional office applications. At the same time, this gamebook also supports Wi-Fi 6. Compared with the previous generation of wireless technology, Wi-Fi 6 has increased the wireless transmission rate by 40%, and the maximum speed can even reach 11Gbit/s. The average throughput is increased by at least 4 times.

Together with the processor is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, this graphics card is based on NVIDIA Turing (Turing) architecture design, with 1920 CUDA cores, excellent game performance. At the same time, as a member of the RTX series, it also has good support for ray tracing technology.

RTX series graphics cards also support a new generation of DLSS technology, based on a new and improved deep learning neural network, which can increase the frame rate, while generating exquisite and clear images for the game, and maximize the performance and quality settings of the game and increase the output resolution. Gave more room.

The 144Hz professional e-sports screen can quickly and accurately output dynamic picture quality in the game, and optimize the picture delay, blurring, picture tearing and other issues in shooting and racing games, so that you will not miss every detail of the game. A+ has no bright promise, perfectionists can buy with confidence.

Thanks to the F117-V dual-fan three-long copper tube efficient heat dissipation mold, this high-performance gaming notebook will not be very hot during gaming, and the processor and graphics card can always be maintained at a high frequency. You can take it all, and friends who play black cards into slides are gone forever.

Well, with such a powerful configuration and such an affordable price, the machinist F117-V can be described as a good price/performance ratio in the current Double 12 year-end promotion. If you are already impressed, it is recommended to buy it at the MACHENIKE flagship store of Jingdong Mall.

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