The appearance of Huawei Mate40 series has been greatly changed, and more big moves will be unlocked on 22nd.

The design of the rear lens module has always been the finishing touch of the unique and iconic design language of the Huawei Mate series. In traditional aesthetics, axis symmetry is a popular aesthetic concept. Symmetry creates a sense of ritual and derives the beauty of artistic conception. The Huawei Mate series is symmetrical through the central axis, while also arranging the lenses scientifically to create their own aesthetic order.

For example, Huawei Mate7 uses a one-piece molding process to arrange the camera and fingerprint module vertically in the middle of the fuselage to create a sense of order and balance.

With the advent of the multi-lens era, Huawei designers have provided a stage to showcase their talents. Huawei Mate9 series and Huawei Mate10 series continue to follow the concept of symmetry, and the arrangement of dual-camera lenses is very elegant. And the design is also decorated with oval and striped lines to avoid monotony and imbalance of the back of the fuselage.

After the introduction of the three-camera module, higher requirements were put forward for industrial design, stacking architecture, and technical implementation. Huawei designers chose Porsche 919, a legendary model that symbolizes the pinnacle of sports car technology, as the source of inspiration, and introduced its "four-eye lights" into the "matrix multi-focus imaging system."

The 2019 Huawei Mate30 series, ID design on the back, is once again amazing. Huawei designers cleverly combined the imaging capabilities with the circular design, embedding the four-point super sports car light design lens into the circular lens and halo, which is highly recognizable and will not be tired for a long time.

It is not difficult to find that Huawei’s design attitude is that in the vast sea of machines, people can recognize at a glance that this is the Huawei Mate series mobile phone. According to the latest silhouette poster released on the official Weibo of Huawei Terminal, the Huawei Mate40 series once again has the charm of “unforgettable”. The back design has been greatly revised: the lens module cooperates with the flash, light sensor and other modules to also have a symmetrical beauty. , And they are all located in the octagonal metal ring. This design is more avant-garde, full of futuristic sense, and impressive. Especially after the release of the Mate40 series poster, the "Huawei Mate40 Series Appearance" was not unexpectedly listed on the hot search, which shows that the great change in appearance brings people a surprise.

In addition, the lens ID design of the Huawei Mate series continues to break through, often accompanied by a more innovative imaging experience. While the design of the latest generation of Huawei Mate40 series continues to evolve, the imaging capabilities and experience are bound to have surprises.

According to previous media revelations, Huawei Mate40 Pro may be rear-mounted or a newly upgraded super-sensitive Leica quad camera. The main camera lens is 50 million pixels, and it has a large-size photosensitive "outside". The night shooting ability is extremely powerful, and then upgraded with The zoom lens, movie lens and periscope telephoto lens support up to 5x optical zoom. The Huawei Mate40 series is also rumored to have the same Pro+ version as the P40 series. It is expected to be equipped with five rear cameras, and will have a periscope telephoto that supports up to 10x optical zoom. For users who love photography, it can be called a game. Annual feast.

Of course, judging from the current time point and official actions, the new design and more powerful imaging capabilities may be just the "appetizers" before the launch of the Huawei Mate40 series. I believe there will be more "big tricks" to be official in the future. Unlocking, and thus realizing the name of "the most powerful Mate in Huawei history". On October 22, Huawei Mate40 series will be unveiled globally, unlocking more “powerfulness”.