The appearance of Meizu 17 was exposed with a digging design? Netizen: My youth is over

This year is the 17th anniversary of the establishment of Meizu, and Meizu ’s digital flagship series has also been updated to 17. Recently, Meizu officially issued a long article saying that it will bring Meizu 17 to “kerosene” in April this year. It seems that the new design of Meizu 17 is exposed in the article. It seems that it is not much different from the previous generation, and it does not seem to use mining design. It also relieves netizens who do not like the design of mining screens. Anyway, there is another You can choose.

However, recently, some netizens exposed the spy photos of the suspected Meizu 17. Although the four-sided frame design is extremely narrow, the front-right digging appears in the upper right corner, which means that Meizu 17 may adopt the digging design with the current. After seeing this message, many users said directly: "My youth is over." As one of the earliest smartphone brands in China, Meizu has always had a group of stable fans with different designs from other manufacturers. However, under the influence of supply chain and market downturn, changes may only be inevitable and helpless. chosen.

Even so, the design of Meizu 17 still has some characteristics, such as the hole in the upper right corner and the power display are well combined. At first glance, the user may naturally ignore the existence of the hole, and let the The overall integrity of the UI interface becomes stronger.

However, there is no more news to prove that the exposed front photos really belong to Meizu 17. Netizens also make judgments based on fonts and UI characteristics. More information may not be available until the second half of March or April Will be exposed one after another.