The benefits of old users are here, OPPO announces a wider range of ColorOS 11 adaptation plans

For mobile phone users, what is the most unbearable thing about old mobile phones? Is the function not powerful enough? Or is the appearance gradually falling behind? Of course, these are basically secondary reasons. According to the survey, most old users change their phones because of the slow system upgrade speed and the bad experience brought by the system freeze. These problems can often be solved only by upgrading to the latest version of the Android system, but there are not many manufacturers willing to adapt to the new system for old phones, because if the old phones also have a good experience, it will inevitably reduce the sales of new phones. .

However, not all manufacturers think so. OPPO has always been committed to pushing the latest version of the ColorOS 11 system to more models of mobile phones. In 2020, it has successively adapted it to many mobile phones. And upgrade. Among the three mobile phones that received the first batch of pushes in 2021 include one OPPO Reno3 launched in 2019 and two OPPO A52 and OPPO A92s launched in the first half of 2020. Some people may be curious that the push of ColorOS 11 is about these three. How much impact will mid-to-low-end phones have?

First of all, ColorOS 11, as a deeply customized mobile phone system based on the latest Android 11 system, has obvious upgrades in terms of fluency, functions, privacy and security. The comprehensive upgrade of security and privacy permissions allows users to manage software more easily Permission to prevent the software from stealing personal information in the phone when it runs silently in the background. Based on this system, ColorOS 11 also enhances the background management logic, allowing phones with smaller memory to get a smoother daily use experience. In addition, there are more immersive dark modes, picture-in-picture mode that allows users to freely adjust the window size, native 5G API interface, etc. For the above three 5G phones, the experience improvement brought is quite obvious .

In addition to the system upgrades based on Android 11, ColorOS 11 itself has also made many changes. There are obvious changes in design language, animation engine and other aspects from the previous generation of ColorOS 7. From “brightness without borders” to “creation without borders”, ColorOS 11 brings a brand new world to users, with more user-friendly interaction, smoother visual experience, and more personalized settings for users to customize. ColorOS 11 allows everyone to customize a system of their own, which is the meaning of “creation without boundaries”.

Since the release of ColorOS 11, OPPO has announced adaptations for Find X2 series, Ace2, Reno4 Pro, Reno 4, Reno Ace, Reno 10x zoom version, Reno3 Pro, Reno4 SE, Reno 3 vitality version, K7 and other mobile phones. The plan includes both high-end flagships such as Find X2 and mid-to-low-end phones such as K7 and Reno 3 Yuanqi Edition. As a system with close to 400 million active users, OPPO is making ColorOS 11 benefit more users.