The biggest surprise is Xiaomi transparent TV floating display, transparent screen has a sense of future

Imabile mobile phone home, August 12 News & nbsp; Xiaomi has announced that it will release the “super large cup” of Xiaomi TV Master Series OLED. At that time, we all thought that it would be a larger version. However, we did not expect that the product which had not been too much news before brought us a huge surprise yesterday. It is Xiaomi transparent TV, a new product of Xiaomi TV Master Series OLED, which is different from the current common TV Special transparent OLED panel, the screen part is like a piece of transparent glass, users can directly through the screen to see the environment behind the TV, just like a piece of future display suspended in the air.

As for the new product, apart from the shocking transparent impression, the press conference didn’t tell too much about the performance of the product details. We only know that this is a 55 inch device with 10 bit color and 1.07 billion color depth. It supports Dolby panoramic sound and is equipped with the flagship MTK The 9650 chip, priced at 49999 yuan (USD $7143) , was opened with a deposit of 1000 yuan (USD $143) yesterday evening and will be sold for the first time in all channels at 10:00 on August 16.