The cheapest Snapdragon 888 looks like this? Redmi K40 Pro front face exposure screen accounted for gratifying proportions

Since its independence, the Redmi brand has been favored by users with its super high cost performance, and its Pro series flagship models are even more popular.

Since the release of Mi 11, many users have been reminding Redmi general manager Lu Weibing on Weibo, hoping to see Redmi’s Snapdragon 888 flagship machine soon.

Now, some netizens have exposed the front and back renderings of the Redmi K40 Pro, fully showing the appearance design of the machine.

Net exposure Redmi K40 Pro rendering

As you can see from the picture, the Redmi K40 Pro will use a center-drilled display on the front. The diameter of the front opening hole is also small, and the screen-to-body ratio is also very well controlled. The most important thing is to use a face-to-face screen design. , There will be no accidental touch, green screen and other problems of the curved screen.

Looking at the back, in fact, the back rendering of the Redmi K40 Pro has already flowed out a few days ago. Combined with the previously exposed engineering machine pictures, the appearance design of the machine can be basically determined. Its back will adopt a design similar to Redmi K30s. The upper left corner of the fuselage is equipped with a big eye rectangular four-camera module, and the right side of the camera module also has a laser focus and flash.

Redmi K40 Pro engineering machine spy photos revealed online

Up to now, Redmi has not officially announced any information about this phone. Xiaomi should give priority to Xiaomi 11, the annual flagship during the exclusive period of Snapdragon 888. It is expected that Redmi K40 Pro may be released after each new phone is released. To make an appearance.

However, according to the news of @数码闲聊站, Redmi K40 Pro should bring some surprises in terms of price, and may become one of the cheapest new Snapdragon 888 machines in the same period.