The correct way to open on Friday night, a super large home theater you deserve to have

For movie lovers, they will go to the cinema to attend the premiere of new movies, and they will also enjoy classic old movies and wonderful blockbusters at home. It is also an excellent pastime to invite colleagues to run a series of movie marathons. If you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. How can you watch movies at home without a good TV? Huawei Smart Screen V75 is arranged!

High image quality provides the ultimate visual experience

Since it is a private home theater, Hollywood action blockbusters, court dramas, variety shows, cartoons…all kinds of programs are indispensable, which requires TV not only to have 4K+HDR ultra-clear and high-brightness image quality, so as to be close to the reality of the naked eye Picture, different types of video programs, such as ball games need no trailing pictures, cartoons have higher requirements for color contrast.

Huawei’s smart screen adopts quantum dot light backlight technology with higher color gamut coverage. It has added an independent image quality engine-the brilliant and colorful image quality engine technology, which can comprehensively improve the image quality, so that the motion picture is smooth without tailing, the display picture is clearer and more delicate, the color is fuller and richer, the sense of layering and the expression of details Stronger. In the image settings, you can also customize [Cinema Mode], [Animation Mode], [Sports Mode], etc., and modify some parameters to meet the personalized pursuit of high-end users for the ultimate picture quality. Coupled with the 4K content of major video platforms, whether it is European and American blockbusters that create visual wonders, or Asian films that focus on emotional expression and show daily life, they can be better displayed. The 75-inch display area also allows users to have a better sense of immersion.

High-quality performance is the core competitiveness of Huawei V75

100% NTSC wide color gamut, MEMC dynamic picture compensation, and HDR high dynamic range all further sublimate the already amazing 4K image, whether it is color performance, dynamic image display, or highlight ratio, it has better expressiveness . For friends who like watching movies and chasing dramas, it is a blessing.

120hz refresh rate makes dynamic pictures clearer and smoother

Male friends like to watch games or play games. The 120Hz screen refresh rate of Huawei Smart Screen, combined with MEMC dynamic picture compensation technology, effectively reduces high-speed picture smear. Whether you are watching action movies or using it to play games, you can get a smoother picture effect. Asking three or five friends to play games at home will make this weekend more meaningful.

Don’t forget, Huawei’s smart screen also supports smart dual projection. The big screen can accommodate two mobile phone screens, and the two-player battle mode is enabled. From a strategic point of view, only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win all battles. Each of you has a fierce operation on your mobile phone. In the end, you don’t know how to lose. With the screen projection mode, you can not only see the opponent’s progress, but the big screen is more exciting to play.

The sound of the game’s fierce battle can be voiced through the smart screen.This kind of famous scene can only be achieved by Huawei!

Shocking sound hits the soul

The private theater has no direct sound to the soul, and even the best picture will appear pale. V75 is equipped with 6 full-range speaker units + 2 tweeter units and 1 woofer unit, as well as a pair of passive radiators, forming a powerful 8+1+1 smart audio system.

Not only the hardware is powerful, Huawei’s smart screen has a unique “sound field modeling” function. It emits sound waves to detect the structure of the room and receives feedback, and establishes a virtual spatial sound field model to automatically match the best sound effect scheme in the space scene to create an exclusive sound field. Each user’s home and living room space is different, so not all spaces can fit the default sound configuration of the smart screen. At this time, sound field modeling is required to automatically adjust according to the spatial environment to ensure that each user is You can feel the best sound effects of Huawei’s smart screen, bringing you a cinema-level audio-visual enjoyment exclusive to you.

High sound quality brings better immersion

In the dead of night, the sound wave speed control technology can constrain the diverging sound waves in front of the smart screen and reduce the radiation angle of the sound waves. In the middle of the night, whether you are watching a ball game, you can enjoy your own time without disturbing your family.

This is your personal moment.

On Friday night, switch the phone to Do Not Disturb mode, pour a glass of red wine, and dim the lights. Find a movie you love and let V75 spend a good night with you. This may be the correct way to open on Friday night~~