The cryptocurrency "mining tide" remains the same, and the game notebook also joins the mining army

Affected by factors such as the crazy price increase of game books and insufficient chip production capacity, the newer graphics cards on the market are basically in a situation where there is a price but not in stock. The recent wave of “mining tides” has gradually affected the game market, because some people already use them for mining.

Weibo user Shenyu BTCer recently posted several photos of the “mine”. In the picture, many models of game books are filled with server racks and cabinets. If you are not sure about the situation, you think that special product tests are being carried out here.

As can be seen from the picture, the products used for mining are mainly from China and ASUS Tianxuan. I think the main reason they are favored is that the graphics card power consumption limit is relatively wide, can obtain higher mining performance, the price is also relatively low, and the payback speed is faster.

△ China’s game book

△ ASUS Selection

After all, compared with using desktop mining, the cost of gaming laptops other than graphics cards is still relatively large, and the performance of the same level is lower. However, they have their own power supply and heat dissipation, and are smaller and easier to move and manage.

However, after running at full load for a long time, these gaming laptops will experience accelerated aging or even become unstable. And if you don’t disassemble the phone and just run daily games for a short time, you may not see these problems, so if you want to buy a second-hand game book, it’s better to pay more attention.