The empty tunnel Tesla senses the bus party: lasts more than 10 minutes

Recently, Tesla “heard” again.

According to domestic media reports, on February 15th, in Xiamen, Fujian, after a Tesla entered the tunnel, the screen showed a bus passing by, but there were no vehicles on both sides.

In the video, this Tesla is driving in an empty tunnel at a speed of 69km/h, and a bus appears on the large screen of Tesla’s central control with the voice of the video shooter. There are no vehicles on both sides of Tesla at this time.

The party concerned, Mr. Fang, said that this situation lasted more than ten minutes, and the bus disappeared in the second half of the tunnel.

In fact, last year there were media reports on Tesla’s “phantom” braking. In the dead of night, a Tesla Model X was driving on a deserted highway.

moment! It saw “things invisible to humans”, so it braked and stopped on the road…

In fact, what Tesla saw was not “unclean things”, but an image called “Phantom” that attacked the automatic driving assistance system (ADAS)-mixed on the roadside Billboard video.

Unlike human beings, the autonomous driving system requires multiple radars and cameras to support it, and it always “sees six ways”. Once there is an error in the algorithm, the above weird scene may appear.

Hope, this is just a very special case.