The fate of the Tokyo Olympics is still unknown, and joint customization opportunities are first to appear!

On March 19, according to GSMArena, Samsung ’s commemorative Galaxy S20 + phone for the Tokyo Olympics in Japan was recently exposed. From the exposed pictures, the Samsung Galaxy S20 + Olympic Edition uses a matte gold color scheme, and the Tokyo Olympics and other related logos are printed on the back of the fuselage.

It is worth noting that in addition to the five-ring logo that symbolizes the Olympic Games and Samsung's iconic Galaxy, the word "docomo" is also printed in the center of the fuselage. It is reported that "docomo" is a Japanese operator, this phone should be customized for Samsung's cooperation with the operator. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S20 + 's Olympic Edition is also equipped with 12GB + 128GB of memory, and other configurations are similar to the regular models.

With the spread of the global epidemic, the plan for the Tokyo Olympics may change. Earlier, Japan stated that it would not postpone or suspend the Olympic Games, but from the current situation, it is difficult to assert that the Olympic Games will not be affected by the epidemic. The president of the International Olympic Committee, Bach, said that the convening of the Olympic Games will be subject to the notice issued by the World Health Organization.

Although the fate of the Tokyo Olympics is uncertain, the joint custom machine will not be absent. Samsung official said that the Samsung Galaxy S20 + Olympic Edition will be released around June, and the price will also be slightly more expensive than the regular model. In addition, Samsung and the Olympic Games have been cooperating for many years. The Galaxy S20 + Olympic Edition will also be given to participating athletes for free, which is really enviable. What do you think of this?