The father of Android ’s dream phone has died before it ’s launched

The Android system must be familiar to everyone. As the world's highest mobile phone system, it has been with us for 13 years. The original Android system was hosted and compiled by Andy Rubin, so Andy Rubin was also known as the father of Android, and the subsequent parent company was acquired by Google, and Andy Rubin became a member of Google. But Andy Rubin was obviously not satisfied with updating the system. Soon, he independently established a company called Essential and entered the mobile phone manufacturing industry. With the blessing of the father of Android, can the Essential succeed?

Unfortunately, it turns out that Andy Rubin's understanding of the Android system does not mean that he understands Android phones. Essential soon faced losses and a decline in performance, and announced bankruptcy at the beginning of this year, becoming a dream. In fact, until now, there was only one PH-1 phone released by Essential. Although the subsequent Project Gem was very distinctive, it ended up only in the state of the internal engineering machine.

Project Gem's long bar shape can not help but remind people of the flip phone popular in the feature phone era, Project Gem is basically the same length as the current common smart phones. However, its width is only about half that of a normal mobile phone. The design concept is more convenient to hold and use with one hand, but it clearly does not consider the needs of video users and game users.

The back cover integrates an integrated fingerprint recognition module and uses an electroplating design. At present, the camera is single-shot. It does have the characteristics that make people look bright, but the single-shot and rear fingerprints are obviously behind. era. Considering that the screen and other components need to be customized independently, even if Project Gem is finally launched, the price and performance are likely to be prohibitive, and only a few people who want to try new and not bad money will buy it, then you expect Project Gem Phone?