The first 160W fast charging flagship Infinix Zero X is about to debut: wired + wireless over 200W

Recently, netizens broke the news that Transsion will launch a 160W fast-charging flagship, and the posters of Transsion’s new phone have also been exposed.

Spy photos show that this new machine will be named "Zero X", which belongs to Infinix, a high-end brand of Transsion, so it is also called Infinix Zero X.

As a result, it will become the world's top fast charging technology.

According to the spy photos poster, the front of Infinix Zero X will be equipped with a waterfall screen with a large curvature.

The back uses the mainstream matrix multi-camera solution, with three rear cameras. The main camera size is more prominent, and there seems to be a periscope solution.

It is worth mentioning that this poster also shows that Zero X not only has a top 160W top wired fast charging solution, but also supports up to 50W wireless fast charging technology.

On the whole, the hardware level of Infinix Zero X belongs to the flagship level, and there are many things to watch.

The outlook for the overseas mobile phone market is currently unclear, and brands that focus on overseas markets are also greatly affected. I think that Infinix Zero X is likely to return to the domestic market in addition to continuing to promote it in overseas markets.