The first 5G outdoor flagship mobile phone AGM X5 was released, 3699 yuan (USD $528) !

At the end of 2020, the domestic rugged mobile phone manufacturer AGM released the last 5G mobile phone of this year-AGM X5, which has a solid rugged body, a purely domestically-developed processor, and a combination of 5G + rugged. Perhaps it is also the world’s first outdoor 5G mobile phone.

As the saying goes, all walks of life have brands that specialize in a certain field. Mobile phones are no exception. They are also subdivided into camera phones, game phones, outdoor mobile phones and other categories. AGM is the mobile phone industry that specializes in outdoor mobile phones. The best manufacturer. The AGM X5 just released, this phone also has many highlights, let’s take a look.

Equipped with a purely domestic self-developed processor Tiger Ben T7510, AI performance super Snapdragon 855

AGM X5 uses a 5G processor independently developed by Unigroup Zhanrui-Tiger Ben T710, which has powerful AI performance. Using a 12nm process technology, using a unique heterogeneous dual-core CPU, in terms of AI capabilities, compared with the other three chip manufacturers, it has more mature face recognition processing capabilities, and can do more accurate AI applications on this basis. In terms of energy efficiency ratio, it far exceeds the average 30% of other manufacturers.

In the AI Benchmark test in July 2019, T7150 won the championship among similar chips. Not only that, its AI performance also exceeds the Snapdragon 855.

AGM X5 with 5G, not just for civilian use

Equipped with the Tiger Ben T7510 processor independently developed by Unigroup Zhanrui, the 5G-backed AGM X5 is not only suitable for mass consumers, but also applicable in the industrial field. Supports NSA/SA dual-mode 5G, up to 2G bps download speed, games of a few gigabytes will be downloaded in no time. The AGM X5 with good three-proof performance, for some industrial fields, such as ports, mines and other large enclosed industrial sites, 5G is used for remote equipment remote control operations; open scenes such as gas pipelines, power transmission lines, and rivers can pass 5G Realizing remote inspection and monitoring, AGM X5 is more adaptable to harsh outdoor environments than popular mobile phones.

Protective body that can withstand 80℃ water flow

The powerful three-proof capability of the body has always been the most proud selling point of AGM mobile phones. This time, the AGM X5 has added an IP69K waterproof certification on the basis of the original IP68 waterproof and American standard 810G drop-proof certification, making the AGM X5 , Can withstand the impact of 80 ℃ water flow.

The difference between IP69K and IP68 is that the former is a high temperature water jet test at 80℃, and the latter is a 1.5-meter deep immersion test. The direction of certification standards is different, and there is no good or bad one. It can be understood that on the basis of the original support for waterproofing at a depth of 1.5 meters, it can also resist the continuous jet of high temperature water at 80°C.

It is worth mentioning that there is an additional protection certification, but the AGM X5 has not become much thicker. The appearance of the protection design is not much different from the previous generation X3. The small change is that the waterproof plug uses a more flexible and durable design this time. And plug in headphones, it will be more convenient.

48MP four-camera can take magnificent outdoor scenery and record moving daily

The AGM X5 has 4 cameras, which are a 48-megapixel main camera lens, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a 2-megapixel blur lens, and a 2-megapixel macro lens, which make it have enough excellent rendering capabilities to help you take pictures that can withstand magnification Detailed ultra-clear work.

And this time, many interesting functions have been added to the camera software, such as children’s photography, long-press continuous shooting, and audio photos, which are very practical in daily use. I think this is also a direction for mobile phone imaging. Not all mobile phones have to pursue the ultimate high-resolution, high-resolution, etc., to make practical and interesting functions in the software can help life, and it is also a good imaging system. After all, Mobile phones are used to record daily.

5600mAh large battery provides surging power for 5G network

Using 5G to brush Douyin for 30 minutes consumes 8% of electricity, 30 minutes of playing the King of Honor consumes 13%, and watching 4K high frame rate video consumes 11% of electricity for 30 minutes;

Faced with the high consumption of 5G and non-heavy daily use, the 5600mAh AGM X5 can also last for one day. And this time built-in power saving mode and super power saving mode, especially the super power saving mode, only maintain the most basic functions, calls, text messages, and the use of several software will greatly reduce the power consumption of the mobile phone. It can be used for a full month at most.

Brand new X OS system, no ads

This time, the new X OS system is completely free of advertisements. AGM has redesigned the icon and added a full-screen gesture operation. When operating AGM X5, you can feel a pure and interference-free experience. And also added a lot of operating details and native tools, it can be said to be the best generation of X OS.

5G outdoor flagship AGM X5, 3699 yuan (USD $528)

On December 12, AGM X5 will be sold on all e-commerce platforms such as the official website,, and Tmall for 3699 yuan (USD $528) .