The first batch of digital RMB apps connected, OPPO wallet brings a new payment experience

As the digital renminbi is being piloted in more and more cities, the digital renminbi has also ushered in more and more usage scenarios to promote and popularize, and the digitization of the renminbi is moving forward steadily.

In the process of advancing the pilot digital renminbi, there is not only the support of a series of government departments such as the central bank, UnionPay, etc., but also the support and participation of various businesses, manufacturers, and consumers. For example, during the New Year’s Day in 2021, the People’s Government of Futian District of Shenzhen launched a digital RMB red envelope pilot program, which opened a 20 million “Futian Gifted Digital RMB Red Packet” campaign. OPPO provided a series of support for the pilot activities. Among them, as a strategic partner, Huantai Digital Technology provided multi-channel consumption scenarios for the implementation of digital RMB red envelopes. Consumers can hold digital RMB red envelopes in many OPPO stores in Shenzhen. No threshold consumption.

In the near future, OPPO has also conducted a series of cooperation with digital renminbi, and the function of OPPO wallet as a sub-wallet has been launched in the digital renminbi APP. OPPO Wallet has also become the first mobile wallet to access digital renminbi, and it currently supports the direct charge function.

If you select more-sub-wallets in the digital RMB app, you can find the OPPO wallet in the list of supported apps.

After finding the OPPO wallet, confirm it. After completing a series of identity verification, you can open the OPPO wallet in the digital RMB to use it as a sub-wallet. Currently, OPPO Wallet supports the use of digital renminbi for direct charging of phone bills.

In the OPPO wallet, click on the phone bill flow to recharge the mobile phone. After entering the mobile phone number and confirming the payment, you can select the digital renminbi as the payment method, pay through the digital renminbi, use it as a whole and call other APPs no difference.

Looking back, in December 2020, Suzhou launched a digital RMB red envelope pilot during the “Double 12” period. OPPO is also one of the pilot companies supporting digital renminbi consumption. Consumers can spend without threshold in many offline OPPO stores within the jurisdiction of Suzhou City. OPPO has provided a digital RMB payment experience consistent with existing payment methods by upgrading the cash register in the store.

From then on, OPPO Wallet will further support the digital renminbi, and further cover a variety of scenarios. In addition to online scenarios such as phone bill recharge, it will also support offline scenarios such as public transportation payment to create a better for users. Use experience.