The first batch of iPhone 12 stocks sold out in China! Currently only red and black are available in October: there are still stocks in the United States

At 8 pm this Friday, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will be pre-ordered for the first time. According to the plan, users will receive the goods one after another starting on October 23.

Judging from the current situation on the official websites of China and North America, the first shipments of the two mobile phones have all been sold out.

Among the iPhone 12, the red 64GB and black 64GB are currently the "least popular" models, and now orders can still be received before October 29 .

Each color of 128GB and 256GB is relatively in short supply, and it will take up to November 10 to get it.

The situation is even worse for the iPhone 12 Pro. All capacity models in the four color schemes will not be available until November 17.

However, from the perspective of foreign media, the situation in North America is slightly better, and some versions of iPhone 12 can still be delivered on the first release day of October 23. I don’t know if the US version is more abundant or because American consumers are not so enthusiastic.

In addition, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max are scheduled to go on sale on November 6.