The first batch of Snapdragon 888+! Mi MIX 4 ultra-clear renderings exposed: amazing screen-to-body ratio

As the leader of full-screen mobile phones, the Mi MIX series has made a lot of contributions to the era of high-screen-to-body ratio. It also established the image of Xiaomi’s high-end products in one fell swoop, but it completely fell into the altar when MIX 3 was launched.

Therefore, the Xiaomi MIX series has also been stopped for a long time. Since 2018, the middle finger has launched a MIX Alpha surround screen concept machine. The price has reached more than 10,000 but it has not been able to achieve mass production, which is regrettable.

However, previous news has confirmed that Xiaomi MIX 4 will return this year, and will be equipped with under-screen camera technology to achieve a true full screen, further exploring the form of the screen.

A few days ago, the well-known blogger @i冰宇宙 exposed the ultra-clear renderings of the Xiaomi MIX 4 on Weibo. According to the pictures, the MIX 4 still continues the more square body solution of the previous MIX4 series, but it has introduced the current flagship machine. The standard curved screen solution, and the border around the screen is very narrow, with the blessing of the curved screen, the frontal impact is extremely strong.

In addition, according to news from the supply chain , Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 will use a screen panel customized by Huaxing Optoelectronics, equipped with the latest generation of under-screen cameras to achieve a true full screen, and has a good balance between screen window effect and image quality.

Still, the news said that it is still unable to take into account both high screen quality and under-screen proactive, so the screen of this machine only supports 1080P level resolution.

It is worth mentioning that Mi MIX 4 is likely to be equipped with the newly released Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, which is more powerful than the previous Snapdragon 888, and this machine will also be at least one of the first models to come out. , It is worth looking forward to.