The first choice for school, HP Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook allows you to learn entertainment and get twice the result with half the effort

With the announcement of the admission scores for college entrance examinations in various regions across the country, most candidates already know what level they are at. These days, all the candidates who have been brushed up on the vibrato are high-level candidates, and any one is worth more than 600 points. This should be the “child of another person” in the parents’ mouth. Now that the first big exam in life is over, what we are greeted next is a rich and colorful college life. Among them, the laptop is definitely a must-have artifact for the beginning of school. Whether it is learning or entertainment, it is inseparable.

It is not difficult to choose a laptop with a university opening belt, but it is very difficult to choose a product that is outdated in appearance and configuration within four years. Here the author recommends a HP Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook to prospective freshmen. Its appearance is fully in line with the young generation’s pursuit of individuality. At the same time, it also has a very rich configuration. It is definitely the first choice for prospective freshmen.

Young and energetic, all-match not stage fright

Youth is capital. As a freshman who has just stepped into a university, he has got rid of the shackles of junior and high schools, and has truly stepped on the stage of releasing individuality. Therefore, the appearance and value of the notebook is definitely the first, and the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook will never disappoint.

First of all, in terms of color, you can give users a variety of trendy colors such as moonlight silver, first love powder and streamer gold. Even very discerning students will have a favorite color! Moreover, the frame of the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook is very eye-catching. The original wedge-shaped design has been particularly meticulously polished to become more sleek and smoother. At the same time, the A and C sides are made of metal material, and the C side adopts 3D integrated molding technology, which makes its texture look more advanced.

With its good looks, the Star 14 high-performance and thin book is not afraid of any occasion, whether it is a dormitory, classroom or library, I believe it will not be stage fright. When you open the Xing 14 high-performance thin and light notebook while sitting in the library, the students next to you will see the side of it, and you can clearly notice the small heel design at the hinge. After opening the screen, the body is slightly tilted, which fits the human body. Engineering, the typing angle is particularly comfortable.

At this time, you in the library received a WeChat from your roommate, asking you to have a dinner at the snack street in front of the school. Generally speaking, everyone will take the bulky notebook back to the dorm before going to the appointment. The Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook will not be so passive at all. The whole machine is as thin as 16.9mm and light in weight as low as 1.41kg. It can be easily put in a backpack or messenger bag, and there is no burden to carry it out. When it’s time to go, just leave.

Rich configuration high performance can learn and entertain

In addition to its high appearance, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook is also very rich in internal configuration. The entire system is equipped with the latest Intel eleventh-generation Core processor, up to i7-1165G7, 10nm process, four-core eight-pass, and brand new With the Willow Cove architecture, single-core performance and multi-core performance are significantly improved compared to previous generation products.

In addition, the Star 14’s high-performance thin and light notebook has not shrunk because of its “lightness and thinness”. It is still equipped with a discrete graphics card. This solves the problem of playing games for many male students. At the same time, it is for some student majors, such as picture design, video editing, and 3D. Design and so on provide good configuration support.

The independent MX450 graphics card uses the same core TU117 of the GTX 1650, equipped with 2GB of video memory, and 896 stream processors. The MX450 does not only adjust the specifications like its predecessor, but is upgraded to a brand-new Turing architecture, with significant performance improvements.

In order to improve the overall performance of the configuration, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook comes standard with 16GB of memory and 512GB NVMe SSD, which further makes up for the shortcomings of notebook performance. In terms of games, Star 14’s high-performance thin and light notebooks are not limited to games like LOL. With the support of large-capacity memory and high-speed SSD, ordinary games can be easily dealt with. Just imagine how embarrassing it is that your laptop does not work when everyone is in the dark in the dormitory, and the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook will definitely not let you lose face.

For female students, chasing variety shows and chasing dramas may be the biggest entertainment projects, so the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook also provides a screen with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 84%. The width of the left and right borders is only 4.35mm, giving people a visual look. The sense is very strong, whether it is to follow a drama or watch a blockbuster, I have a good sense of immersion.

In addition, this 14-inch FHD high-resolution IPS screen has a maximum of 400 nits and a 72% NTSC high color gamut display, which can clearly present content even in a bright outdoor environment. It is worth mentioning that this notebook is also equipped with B&O certified speakers, the sound is loud, clear and powerful. Watching movies on the high-definition screen, eating watermelon and blowing on the air conditioner, this life is absolutely refreshing!

In addition, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook is also equipped with a fingerprint recognition module. You don’t need to enter a cumbersome password every time you turn on it. You can enter the desktop with a single finger and swipe it, and the learning efficiency is high. Even if you go out temporarily, you are not afraid of your information being leaked, and your security is well guaranteed.

Personal secretary for smart small and micro college students

When I first arrived on the university campus, it was inevitable to have a long conversation with the students in the dormitory, but I couldn’t delay the next day’s class. At this time, you said to the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook: “Small and Micro, set an alarm at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning.” At this time, Hui Xiaowei immediately replied: “Okay, the alarm for you at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning has been set for you”. This way you are not afraid of being late for class the next day.

In addition to setting the alarm clock, asking the weather, listening to songs and listening to stories, Hui Xiaowei can also control the computer, such as adjusting the brightness of the display, controlling the volume, and locking the screen when you leave. Hui Xiaowei can help you complete it immediately. Need to use the mouse to control to complete, now only need to say it is done.

In terms of learning, Huixiaowei’s intelligent voice assistant is also associated with many functions that can improve learning efficiency, such as online translation in Chinese and English, time query, calculation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, etc. It is very suitable if the hands are being occupied or if you are in a hurry to know the answer.

On the whole, Star 14 high-performance and thin notebooks are suitable for freshmen who have just entered the school. The same youthful fashion can fully show the vitality of young people. Coupled with good hardware configuration, students and friends can learn and entertain, breaking the boundary limitation of notebooks. In addition, it is equipped with an intelligent voice interaction system such as Hui Xiaowei, so that the notebook can be easily controlled like a smart phone. So, new students who are ready to enter the university, don’t miss the HP Star 14 high-performance thin and light product, which can definitely bring a different feeling to your university life.

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