The first day of ChinaJoy iqoo 120W ultra fast flash charging products

The annual ChinaJoy is coming again. Although the situation is a little special this year, the scene of ChinaJoy 2020 is still very lively. Many mobile phone manufacturers we are familiar with also attended. Iqoo, a new player, surprised the audience with its rich live activities and hard core 120W flash charging technology. It successfully caught the attention of the audience and players, and successfully completed its China joy debut.

Iqoo, with its youth, passion, E-sports and other key words, is undoubtedly quite in line with the atmosphere of ChinaJoy. It has carefully built a series of E-sports experience spaces with a strong sense of science and technology. It also brought the latest flagship model equipped with 120W ultra fast flash charging technology and its full range of mobile phones, which made countless visitors enjoy themselves.

The most attractive thing is iqoo The 120W ultra fast flash charging technology was demonstrated on the spot. Although the flagship new machine is packed tightly, the visible power growth rate of breaking 100 watts high-power fast charging is still quite exciting. According to official data, it takes only 5 minutes for 120W ultra fast flash charging to charge 50% of the power of 4000mAh large battery. In 15 minutes, the mobile phone can reach 100% full charge state, completely subverting the use of electricity Existing mobile phone charging experience.

In the actual on-site demonstration, the charging speed of the new machine is indeed very fast. In one and a half minutes, the power was restored to 15%. After 90%, although the charging speed was slightly slowed down, the battery was finally charged to 100% in a little more than 15 minutes, which was basically consistent with the official data. It can be seen that 120W ultra fast flash charging is not only “realized in the laboratory”.

While improving the flash charging power, iqoo also does not pay attention to safety. Its mysterious new machine has been announced to be the first 120W ultra fast flash charging product certified by Rhein t? V. As a leading testing company in the world, rhein T-V is regarded as the synonym of product standards and strict quality assurance. According to news, this flagship new machine will be put into mass production soon.

Of course, in addition to blacktech’s 120W ultra fast flash charging, iqoo has also set up a wealth of experience areas in the exhibition area to introduce itself to more users. The features of iqoo, including 144hz ultra-high refresh rate, stereo dual speaker listening sense, strong endurance, etc., have impressed the on-site users after the actual experience.

At the same time, there are a lot of welfare waiting for everyone to collect. The experience area of “King’s confrontation” and “Jue Wu state” in the booth also attracted many players to pick up iqoo mobile phones and “have a good fight”! By signing up for the fierce team competition and thrilling man-machine duel, the players can not only experience the powerful E-sports strength of iqoo mobile phone, but also win some surprise prizes such as customized Honor badge and customized game handle! All MVP players will also win one iqoo neo3 mobile phone.

It is reported that the iqoo activity booth will continue from today to August 3. Students who want to see the cross era 120W ultra fast flash charging and more rich game experience optimization can not miss the iqoo booth of this new player when going to ChinaJoy.