The first large-scale opening of production lines and laboratories

On March 16th, Honor opened the production lines of Huawei Xi'an Research Institute, Huawei Sports Health Lab, and Huawei Southern Factory for the first time on a large scale. Consumers can experience a series of links from research and development, production to testing, etc., without leaving the home. Hardcore quality. As the first stop of the "Visit the Cloud" Honor 9X series, users can visit the core laboratory of Huawei West Research Institute, the terminal ’s wireless performance laboratory and the communication protocol laboratory, from the birth of the Honor 9X.

(Terminal Wireless Performance Lab, RF Lab)

(Communication Protocol Lab)

On the day of the visit, Zheng Square, Vice President of Huawei ’s Consumer Business Mobile Phone Product Line, also accepted an exclusive interview with the media. He introduced that relying on the big tree of Huawei Group, Honor is in the selection of technical devices, quality control processes, production control processes, The development process and other aspects share Huawei's internal system together.

(Zheng Fang, Vice President of Mobile Phone Product Line of Huawei Consumer Business, accepted an exclusive interview with Honor Smart Screen)

Technology leadership: the Honor X series of all ages has accelerated the evolution of the industry

In fact, Huawei and Honor have been creating highly competitive products through technological innovation. In order to build technical barriers, Huawei has consistently invested 10% to 15% of its sales revenue in research and development, which can reach hundreds of billions of magnitude. As a Honor star series product, the Honor X series will launch a leading technology in each generation of listed nodes. Honor Play will launch the first full-screen technology in the 7X gear. The Honor 8X will achieve a high screen ratio through the then leading COF technology. The Honor 9X is based on the 7nm Kirin 810 chip and a variety of leading technologies such as the lifting full screen, achieving the same level of leadership in performance.

Quality comes first: Honor and Huawei share quality system

In order not to cause quality problems due to technological advances, Huawei and Honor have invested real money in the hardware and did a lot of testing. The Honor X series is a concentrated display. Taking the West Research Institute where Honor 9X was born as an example, the hardware investment of the terminal wireless performance laboratory alone exceeds 250 million yuan. In order to ensure the quality of Honor 9X and other products, more than 100,000 tests have been performed on the full screen of the lift, including the index test of the ejection force of the lift, to ensure that its life can meet the use of the user's life cycle; in communication, The Honor X series of live network tests has a total mileage of 80,000 kilometers and can circle the earth 2 times to ensure that users can use the Internet faster and make better phone calls during use. In addition, in order to find weak product design, Honor Mobile will completely test all aspects of the mobile phone, commonly known as "measured to death." In addition to normal testing, Huawei and Honor will conduct additional high-standard spot checks, and all the machines will be discarded after passing the tests.

(Honor 9X multi-scenario test radiation)

Within Huawei, quality is the lifeline. In order to create the ultimate quality, huge investment is made. Zheng Square also introduced on the scene that the Honor 8X was originally scheduled to be listed in August 2018, but there were individual issues of one-time production and stability before the listing, and in order to completely eliminate potential problems and risks, the Honor 8X was stiff. Postponed listing for one month. Zheng Square told reporters that the purpose of doing so is not to promote products with any potential problems to consumers.

(Zheng Square accepted an interview with the media to talk about the Honor 9X)

In the past year, Huawei's smartphone business has maintained steady growth, with shipments exceeding 240 million units. In this regard, Zheng Square told reporters that although Huawei's Honor performance throughout 2019 is good, it seems to be a matter of course, because it is related to Huawei's external positioning of marathon runners. As we all know, long-distance runners have more advantages as they get behind. In 2020, Huawei will also enter a new stage of development. Whether the growth rate will be faster is worth the industry's expectations.