The first O powder Festival officially opened, and the “8 yuan (USD $1174) 8 flash charging for super flash” was launched today

On August 8, oppo’s first “O powder Festival” officially opened. As a festival dedicated to oppo fans, the first “O powder Festival” not only has the dynamic melody of “super flash summer” performed by reno4 super flash girl, but also the “8 yuan (USD $1174) 8 flash charging for super flash” activity to ignite the summer. At the same time, a series of welfare activities, such as super flash summer gift package, 10 thousand yuan red packet partition, interest free up to 24 periods, and 5 fold smart hardware, are also fully opened.

This year’s “O powder Festival” is the most concerned about the “8-8 flash charging for super flash” activity. For $8.8, there’s a chance to bring the latest oppo reno4 home.

Mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone users can receive 8 8 replacement qualification cards through the designated entrance of OPPO+, OPPO WeChat official account and OPPO browser during the activity. By changing the qualification card, carrying the old mobile phone (OPPO R series, K series and other mobile phones equipped with VOOC flash function) supporting OPPO flash charging, they can reach the designated store to participate in the activity, that is, they can buy a OPPO Rneo4 cell phone at the price of 8 8.

The oppo reno4 series continues the positioning of oppo “5g video mobile phone”. It upgrades the video shooting function in an all-round way, and launches the “moonlight night scene video algorithm”, which greatly improves the performance of night scene video, so that users can shoot good videos day and night.

As the fourth generation product of Reno series, reno4 is equipped with high pass snapdragon 765G chip, supporting SA / NSA dual-mode networking; 360 degree surround antenna 2.0, 5g + Wi Fi dual-channel acceleration, the whole machine is thin to about 7.6mm, only weighs about 172g, creating 5g light experience.

What’s more, the whole series of oppo reno4 is equipped with 65W super flash charging as standard, which can quickly charge to more than 60% in 15 minutes and 4000mAh battery capacity in 36 minutes, which truly realizes “charging for 5 minutes and brushing for 4 hours”.

In addition to the $8.8 swap, any regular oppo user who purchases reno4 Pro can get a one-year broken screen saver worth 249 yuan (USD $36) for free. In addition, find x2 can enjoy a discount of 300 yuan (USD $43) in limited time, and the lowest price is only 4699 yuan (USD $671) . Find x2 Pro is as low as 5999 yuan (USD $857) . All of them support interest free up to 12 periods. “O powder Festival” has a lot of benefits. Don’t move quickly!