The first O powder festival will open tomorrow, with 8 yuan and 8 yuan for oppo reno4, leading the super welfare attack

As a festival for oppo fans, the first “O powder Festival” on August 8 is absolutely necessary. At present, the preferential policy of the o powder Festival has been officially announced. The 8 yuan 8 yuan flash charging for super flash, the 10 000 yuan (USD $1) red envelope and the super flash summer gift bag are all worth paying attention to.

As a mobile phone manufacturer that started earlier in the field of fast charging, oppo has upgraded its vooc technology for many times, and has achieved a maximum of 65W super flash charging. Many old flash charging users are very envious. The “8-8 flash charging for super flash” in the o powder Festival is a super value welfare for the majority of O powder. Users who handle the old models of OPPO R7 and R11 can receive replacement cards in the channels of OPPO+, OPPO WeChat official account and OPPO browser. On August 8th, 16:00-22:00 went to the designated offline stores to participate in the activities, that is, the opportunity to buy 8 8 new OPPO Reno4 new devices with the latest Flash charging technology. At present, there is still one day before the deadline for getting the card. We should pay close attention to it!

In order to let more consumers know the extra benefits of this o powder Festival, oppo has also cooperated with reno4 super flash girls Liu Yuxin, Yu Shuxin and Zhao Xiaotang to create a new theme song “super flash summer”, in which “super flash” refers to the 65W super flash charging carried by oppo reno4 series. With this technology, 4000 MAH batteries can be fully charged in about 36 minutes. Even if you are in a hurry to leave, you can also guarantee the experience of “charging for 5 minutes and playing for 4 hours”. It can be said that “the energy will be full in the twinkling of an eye”.

Since the 5g era, the thickness and weight of mobile phones are becoming more and more uncontrolled, which will undoubtedly reduce the feel of use. However, oppo reno4 series adheres to the concept of lightweight. Reno4 Pro has become one of the lighter 5g mobile phones in the market with the ultimate design of 7.6mm thin and 172g light. At the same time, reno4 Pro also uses the new Reno Glow crystal diamond technology and positive and negative curved fuselage to further optimize the grip feeling and give you the freshest 5g experience this summer.

In terms of video, oppo reno4 series has added a new super night scene video mode on the basis of the super double anti shake and real-time virtual beauty of the previous generation video, greatly improving the brightness, color and clarity of the night scene video, so that you can easily complete the task of vlog for friends gathering.

It is reported that the first O festival will be officially opened in August 8th, but don’t forget to buy cards for sale in the official account of OPPO+, OPPO WeChat, OPPO browser and other channels before participating in the 8 8 flash charging. In addition, the o powder festival also provides a lot of extra value benefits for you, including interest free installment, old for new subsidy, points to cash, ten thousand yuan red envelope, super flash summer gift package and so on