The first Sony IMX766, Reno5 Pro+ night scene video is clearer

On December 24, OPPO released the latest Reno5 Pro+. The previous Reno5 and Reno5 Pro have won many favors in the market due to their powerful performance, beautiful appearance, and excellent portrait shooting performance. The sales of the entire network have exceeded 100 million in just 10 minutes of launch. Now this super-large Reno5 Pro+ must have a better performance. Without further ado, let us take a look at how this Reno5 Pro+ performs.

The flagship SOC-Snapdragon 865 is adopted on Reno5 Pro+. With the support of this SOC, it can achieve better game performance and better camera ISP processing capabilities, providing sufficient performance guarantee for Reno5 Pro+ , You can play all kinds of games without any problems.

The IMX766 sensor developed by OPPO and Sony was first released on Reno5 Pro+, with up to 50 million pixels and 1/1.56″ outsole, which has passed more excellent hardware guarantees for mobile phone shooting. On the basis of IMX766, Reno5 Pro+ also has 1,600 Megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, 13 million pixel telephoto lens, 2 million pixel macro lens. The four lenses together form a full focal range four camera system.

Reno5 Pro+’s full-focus four-camera system has good performance effects. The previously acclaimed OPPO FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system will also be reflected on Reno5 Pro+. With the support of this system, Reno5 Pro+ can optimize the portrait and the overall picture to achieve the beauty of people and scenery. It can realize functions such as AI face detection, AI super clear portrait, OFL skin quality optimization algorithm, and face distortion correction.

In addition, with the support of the IMX766 sensor, Reno5 Pro+ has a high amount of light in low light conditions, achieving better image quality and richer details. And the full-pixel focus advantage of the sensor on the IMX766 can help users better focus on the subject when using it, and greatly improve the focus speed of shooting, allowing users to have a further experience in shooting with Reno5 Pro+.

In the actual experience, the Reno5 Pro+ with the new IMX766 sensor does have a better shooting effect. When the AI night scene is not turned on, the Reno5 Pro+ already has a better performance in the shooting of night scene videos, and the overall picture purity is better. high.

△ AI night scene video is not turned on

After turning on the AI night scene enhancement, we can find that the brightness of the entire picture has been improved, and the traffic flow at the edge of the picture is also clearly visible, and the overall expressiveness of the picture has a visual enhancement that is visible to the naked eye.

△Open AI night scene enhancement video

Through the screenshots of the real shots, we can find that Reno5 Pro+ relies on the excellent cooperation of hard power and soft power to create a very clear and excellent night scene video experience. The world’s first IMX766 sensor combined with the Snapdragon 865 has created a better hardware combination, and under OPPO’s excellent software tuning, the excellent hardware performance of Reno5 Pro+ can be further utilized, ultimately presenting users with better night scene video shooting Experience.