The first stop of OPPO Future Technology Exhibition landed in Guangzhou, and the scroll screen concept phone appeared in Yangcheng

Today, the OPPO Future Technology Tour has landed in Guangzhou, with the theme of “Leap Transition and Goodness”, aiming to present to the public the latest exploration results of OPPO’s innovative technology, and to convey the brand belief of “Technology as a human being, good for the world” through innovative interactive experiences. The OPPO Future Technology Exhibition is divided into three major exhibition areas: “Future Equipment New Forms”, “Future Connected New Life”, and “Future Technology New Interactions”, bringing innovative products such as OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine, OPPO AR Glass 2021, and LiFi light speed interconnection, AI eyeball control and other innovative technologies.

OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine is equipped with a stepless OLED flexible scroll screen with a minimum of 6.7 inches and a maximum of 7.4 inches. Users can adjust the size of the screen according to actual needs to obtain a more appropriate information control interface.

Thanks to OPPO’s self-developed Roll Motor powertrain, dual-matrix embedded clutch structure, and screen dynamic area skeleton stacking, the OPPO X 2021 rolling screen concept machine can achieve almost “zero crease” during the process of switching between large and small screens. The freely retractable screen effect like a picture scroll brings more possibilities for mobile entertainment, games, movie watching and other experiences.

The OPPO X 2021 scrolling screen concept machine is another bold attempt by OPPO on the shape of the mobile phone screen, condensing OPPO’s rich technical reserves and patent deposits in the field of special-shaped screens and structural stacking. In the OPPO X 2021 reel screen concept machine, there are as many as 122 patents, including 12 core patents related to the reel structure.

The OPPO AR Glass 2021 displayed this time adopts a new split design, which can realize a variety of natural interaction methods including mobile phone interaction, gesture interaction, and spatial positioning, bringing users a highly immersive experience of fusion of virtual and reality.

Currently, OPPO AR Glass 2021 has been equipped with self-developed applications such as multiplayer MOBA games, tower defense games and AR cameras. OPPO is also actively working with partners such as iQiyi and JD to realize innovative experiences such as AR movie viewing and AR home furnishing on OPPO AR Glass 2021.

A new generation of AR glasses OPPO AR Glass 2021

The OPPO Future Technology Tour will be held in Guangzhou Wanlinghui from January 16 to 17, 2021, and will land in Nanjing from January 29 to 31, and Chongqing from February 5 to 7, so stay tuned!